"Hard-drivin' Blues-Garage-Trash n' Roll Freight Train!" 


We're very happy to announce our full-length release of 11 songs on OTTO Records! out of San Antonio, TX.

This music was recorded at Small Pond Studios in Georgetown, MA by John "Jazz" Abbott, whom we can't thank  enough for his professional service and humor, as always.

The new release titled "Mercy" is a mixture of Rock and Roll, Alt Blues, and Acoustic songs which will find their way to radio and press worldwide very shortly.

We're truly fortunate to have the great support from our extended family at OTTO Records/Hanks Radio Network, with Scott and Rob Hankosky manning the ship.And our Irish brother and U.K. Rep/Agent Gerry Casey all promoting 61 GHOSTS. 

You'll able to find our latest release "Mercy" on  CD Baby and Bandcamp , as well as a number of other sites.

Thanks to everyone so much for their support, it's greatly appreciated.


Classic Rock Magazine 2018 

"….this six-track EP that conjours up the dreamy delta and the gritty mean streets in the same breath."  

John Keegan, Boston Groupie News 2019...

"61 Ghosts is always on the road paying their dues! It keeps paying off..." 

The Rocking Magpie, Newcastle UK....

"...Mazzari sounds like Henry Rollins at times and others JD Wilkes or even Nick Cave; and his guitar flits between Steve Jones, Muddy Waters and Rory Gallagher…" 

Dave Drury Blues Matters! Magazine Issue 95...

"This is down and dirty rock ‘n’ roll flavoured with touches of Americana and Mississippi hill country blues created with passion and fervour." 

Gerry Casey, Music Critic Monaghan Times Ireland...

"Bonnie & Clyde of Rock n' Roll!”

Cedric Burnside, Grandson of the famed Hill Country Blues artist R.L. Burnside...

"...Dixie has the ear for raw blues." 

Alex Gecko, Music Critic Metronome Magazine Boston...

"Just what Johnny Thunders always wanted."  

Lester Thompson, Music Critic San Francisco Review... 

"61 Ghosts is like being dragged behind an old Harley through the Americana Badlands." 

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