Front man Mazzari, who currently lives in southern Maine, USA began his stage career during the Boston rock scene in the early 1980s, playing guitar and singing for The Daughters (“The Daughters” album was released by Rave Up Records out of Italy). The Daughters eventually became the backing band for Johnny Thunders, guitarist and singer-songwriter for the New York Dolls and The Heartbreakers. Joe also recorded and toured with Johnny Thunders (guitar & bass) for three years, and appeared on three of Johnny's albums; “Diary of A Lover,” “In Cold Blood,” and “Internal Possession”. The Daughters were fortunate to be given by Johnny the previously unreleased song “Are You Living” written by Thunders, which appears on the collectable Two Saints single “King of NYC”. Joe also had the good fortune to record with legendary producer Jimmy Miller (Rolling Stones, Traffic and Motorhead) and John Peel of BBC fame. "DOING TIME WITH THUNDERS"™ Longtime friend Simon Ritt, whom Joe played with in earlier bands (The Daughters, Two Saints, Thunders, Walter Lure, and Nolan Band) is part of this new venture incorporating music from those bands listed above.

Doing Time with Thunders will include many songs from Joe and Simon’s experiences with Nolan, Lure & Thunders. The two-hour show will involve personal anecdotes about the songs and experiences during that time. As well as, some current material.